Keep Calm & Train Your Dog! 

From the comfort of your own home, learn how to get control of your excitable, rambunctious, and unruly dog. All while developing an amazing balanced relationship with them - built on trust, communication, and all the things they love. Most of all, you will become the Leader of your Pack! 

Gimme That Course!

Gain a better understanding of your dog

Every dog and situation is different and requires a different approach. Discover who your dog is so you can give them what they need.

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Training for multiple dogs

It can be overwhelming and next to impossible trying to train more than one dog at the same time. This course covers how to go about it.

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The fundamentals of Pack Leadership

Learn what it means to be a true leader for your dog so that they look to you for direction, do what you ask, and live an awesome life in the process.

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Lauren B.

"Riggs is a different dog now - my neighbors and family have made comments about how good and disciplined he is and I am comfortable walking him anywhere and taking him on hikes without worrying about running in to other dogs."

Kayli W.

"Not only is Antonio a VERY knowledgeable dog trainer; he is also kind, nonjudgmental, reliable, and professional."

Erica Day

"We now have the tools to control him when he gets overly excited seeing another dog, and have established an ever better bond with him which is Antonio’s entire approach."